Bluegrass Banjo Lessons

Bob teaches beginning bluegrass banjo lessons that focus on learning the basics: rolls, chords, correct fingerings, and rhythm. Simple, approachable songs are taught early on, the bluegrass banjo beginner gets a feel and understanding of this musical style.

Intermediate bluegrass banjo lessons: At this level the student can play several songs at a medium to fast tempo, learns how to play backup banjo, what you do when you’re not playing the solo, and more advanced songs, right hand and left hand techniques.

Advanced bluegrass banjo lessons: The advanced student will work on polishing up his or her playing, learning more intricate rhythms, gaining speed and adding fill-in licks. Music theory is taught to help understand how the banjo fingerboard works, understanding the use of scales, and improvising.

We offer a free, no obligation, 1/2 hour trial lesson to all new students.

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