Should You Try to Teach Yourself?

More and more, people come in and tell us they’ve been trying to learn from YouTube videos, websites, or from friends or family members. Let’s see what it is that makes this a good or bad idea.

  1. Good Idea: Lessons are free, you can learn at your own pace. The temptation to try and learn on your own is very strong, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If you have patience, desire, and time to practice, it can work out for you.
  2. Bad Idea: In the case of videos and websites you may have no idea who your teacher is, you can’t ask questions and most important, they can’t see you. No feedback, no correcting mistakes that will catch up to you later, no hands on teaching.
  3. Terrible Idea: The most common mistake we see is that there is no logical, gradual way that you’re being taught. A lot of beginners come in trying to play songs and chords that are way beyond their current skill level.

Our advice is to at least take a few lessons to get started so that you don’t develop bad habits, so you have some goals and direction, and so your teacher can help you map out a plan.

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” Yoda



I play and teach guitar, banjo and ukulele.


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